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Socks can be a real style statement. Madeleine is particularly taken by sporty styles – ones with logos from the likes of Gucci and Balenciaga

Socks are my new thing. For years I bought 10-packs in black: same style, same store, easy, and no thinking required. White, patterned, or with a logo – none of that was an option. If I lost a sock, no problem. The closet was full of replacements. One less worry, you see, especially as I don’t like wearing socks at all. They imply that summer is over, that it is cold now and covering your feet and ankles would be a sensible thing to do. Winter and I, we’re not a team.

Over the last few months, however, there have been some changes. Little by little, a few new socks moved into my closet drawer. But not the colorful styles or pairs with hysterical patterns – nothing of the sort. The ones I like are very simple and rather aggressively sporty, white, ribbed, and decorated with a logo.

I think these socks are exactly the new jerseys, only without sports. Completely without athletic ulterior motives, but rather aesthetic ones. Although they no longer serve their original purpose (sweating in them), they are still comfortable and, above all, a fashion statement: With logo socks, you can show your affiliation to a certain vision of style – or rather, a label. That means the big question is: What team do you play for? Balenciaga, Gucci, 032c, or Isabel Marant? Those who find all of this too complicated will be in good hands with the classics among sport socks: Adidas or Nike. But the great thing is that it’s all about fashion, not sport. You don’t have to commit completely – you can change your team. But let’s be honest: The real problem in the future isn’t going to be which socks to wear, but where to find the other half of a matching pair.

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