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The hey woman! team presents their office outfits: from statement earrings to chic loafers

One office, a handful of young women, and so many outfits every day! It’s time to present a few highlights from our day-to-day life here while Veronika is traveling the world in her role as “foreign minister,” as we affectionately call her. So here we present exactly those looks that lie close to our hearts and/or make us really happy. As a team, we are as close-knit as we are different from each other. And so every morning I’m proud to welcome these busy and charming bees, our core team, who will also introduce themselves from a fashion point of view here:

Julia Knolle (Editor-in-chief)

My perfect wardrobe is a minimalistic one: jeans in blue, black, and grey; shirts in light blue and white (possibly with stripes, from my father); wool and cashmere sweaters in blue, black, beige, and grey; white t-shirts. There you go – that’s it. And no, I don’t actually get bored with it. It’s pretty effective in the morning standing in front of the closet. The jeans are from Levi’s, & Other Stories, and Khaite. The sweaters are from Closed, COS, or Benetton (which I discovered again recently). The t-shirts and shirts are from J.Crew (via Zalando). In a dream world, shoes by The Row. And in the meantime, I can’t get enough of white sneakers. My last purchase in terms of “the bag that I carry every day and will never give away”: Céline. It can be that easy.


Madeleine Abeltshauser (Fashion Editor)

I’m funny, but that’s not something I like to give away. Fun accessories are my passion, and I love extravagant gowns. It all looks colorful in my head, but not so much in my own private wardrobe. And that’s despite the fact that I love walking around in the magic world of Gucci boutiques. What could be the reason for that? I’ll hold back any speculation as to a split personality, for the time being at least.

For me, sweaters are the best – as I already explained in a shopping report. A great sweater works for so many occasions, with so many other garments. The essentials are a chic material (cashmere is good) and a beautiful shape (gladly Céline). Preferably with jeans, suit trousers, or wide-leg leather pants. Within the team, I’m the muted colors like dark blue and black, but also the white and the crazy red. High-quality materials, simple cuts, and no patterns please – that sounds like me. And gold jewelry is never missing. But my colorful disposition won when I discovered my favorite Isabel Marant coat – a colorful patchwork one. It cheers me up, but let’s keep that quiet.

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