Editorial: Zalando x Beauty – “Complete Your Look”


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“Complete Your Look” – With this campaign, Zalando rings in the launch of its new beauty division. We take a closer look at the product selection in this editorial

Maybe it sounds a little strange, but Zalando has been my partner of choice since day one. I love the online shop for its pragmatism – as a customer, you actually have to know exactly what you’re looking for. For those looking for (sporty) classics in the streetwear division, Zalando is a paradise. Founded by David Schneider and Robert Gentz, the company has written a success story over the last 10 years, the development of which I’ve liked to watch and found constantly inspiring. Innovation is spelled in capital letters: New ideas are tried out and implemented. As a Berliner, I appreciate the fast delivery times and they made history with the 100-day returns. And now they’re venturing into new territory and starting to shake up the beauty market. In this editorial photographed by Jessica Barthel, we take on the slogan “Complete Your Look” and put it to the test.

Julia Knolle (Editor-in-chief)

J.Crew somehow took me through my twenties. I think even before Jenna Lyons, the former creative director, was chosen as New York’s most popular style icon. The “preppy look” helped me through my (bourgeois) days as a business student – with sparkling costume jewelry earrings to bring a little more pizzazz (what a wonderful word) to my outfits. You can also be very progressive and make impeccable selections from the men’s department, like this blue sweater. If I’m not doing the preppy look and leave my beloved Levi’s jeans in the closet (both pairs here are 501s, one in classic blue and the other the new edition with a little stretch in white), I like to live in black leggings. Most of my pairs are by Nike and I really did buy 90% of them from Zalando. My post-workout look gets office-ready with a glamorous sweater by my favorite brand, Filippa K, and the Ultra Boost running shoes by Adidas are the highlight/finishing touch. Here in a version that is too good to be true: They’re from Stella McCartney’s sport collection. Who said white girls can’t jump?

I rely on natural products when it comes to cosmetics – hardly anyone will have missed that. I’ve got little going on with make-up: A well cleansed face (with the Facial Towels by pai) is the alpha and the omega to looking fresh. Paw Paw’s Lip Balm with Shea Butter is new for me – it’s been on my wish list for a long time. The colors of the toothpaste by Marvis are so chic and the miraculously effective eye serum by Dr. Dennis Gross is a small exception, because the eyes are the first thing you see when you look into someone’s face.

Franziska Steinle (Brand Relations)

From my point of view, a nice men’s sweater is an angel-kissed gift from heaven and one forms the base of my look in 80% of cases. Hallelujah! I feel good in those big things – warm and kind of strong. The 20 or so you’ll find in my wardrobe come from various sources: They either came directly from my father or were craftily scavenged away from young men (who are probably freezing now), or purposefully attained in the men’s department of some shops I trust.

So it’s not too much of a surprise that the cream sweater by Ralph Lauren ended up in my shopping cart. Paired with jeans and a pair of sneakers by Adidas or espadrilles by Castañer, this is the embodiment of my ideal (and most comfortable) look for transitional seasons – or in other words: a true weekly outfit! Essie nail polish in Aperitif, the best and brightest red in its class, has been on my nails for years. I also wear red on my lips. The Collagen Eye Patches by Magicstripes serve both as a reward and a rescue mission for your face after tiring journeys or long days, evenings, and nights.

Madeleine Abeltshauser (Fashion Editor)

I’m not a big fan of make-up. Not of beauty products, either. But once I find something I like, there’s no question about it: It sticks around. I discovered the Detox Mask by Magicstripes about a year ago and it has since become an integral part of my beauty routine. Hand creams are my loyal travel companions. My favorite: the cream by L:A Bruket that has you rubbing a blend of lemon grass and rosemary between your hands. Another loyal friend: the Korres Lip Butter Stick with a touch of color. I’ve also been enthusiastic about facials oils for the last few months. This one by Dr. Dennis Gross is equipped with a good portion of moisture.

Even though I spend my whole day with fashion, I find it difficult to actively decide for something specific in private – for fear of it being forgotten in my closet. That’s why I like to put on fabrics that I love feeling against my skin, like silk. The blouse by Equipment, therefore, was a comparatively easy choice. I also often rely on classic looks, outfits that I will fall back on again and again. This definitely includes the combination of a white t-shirt and jeans – consisting in this case of a shirt by Wood Wood and Calvin Klein jeans in probably the best wash.

Julia Fricke (Executive Assistant)

The perfect morning: Get up, shower, get dressed, and go. To make this all run as smoothly as possible, I like to keep things uncomplicated and without a lot of bells and whistles. And that starts in the bathroom. In beauty as in fashion, I love good basics. Egyptian Magic Cream is my all-rounder for dry skin. And since hair is a big topic for me (our relationship is complicated, but shhhh!…), I place particular importance on haircare. I basically don’t do any styling. I find it helps to wash once a week with Christophe Robin’s Cleansing Scrub, which exfoliates the hair and scalp, as well as almost daily (I know, I should wash less often) with the shampoo and Ocean Mist Volume Conditioner by Sachajuan. Then my tousled mane gets untangled with Villa d’assia’s Tortoise Brush and air-dried. Done.

For me, the perfect outfit is just as uncomplicated as my beauty routine. I like things sporty-chic – even if the term is unfortunately used in a rather inflationary way, the actual meaning of that sums up my motto. I cycle to work and I also like to get around quickly during the day. That’s why sneakers of all kinds – this pair by Asics, for example – are an integral part of my wardrobe. The flowing Tencel trousers by Weekday, the simple white By Malene Birger shirt, and the Blazer by Sandro form my perfect look. I could leave the house every morning in no time at all!