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9 High Street Holiday Hits

I‘ve finally got around to booking my Summer Holiday and will be jetting off to my favourite destination Mallorca in a few weeks. Due to the late booking, I’m now in a major panic about my...

Fashion / Posts - 1 year ago

Cecilie Copenhagen

Cecilie Copenhagen was one of the first brands we wrote about on A Style Album, and if you go back through the archives you’ll see how much our images and posts have improved since then! As has...

Fashion / Posts - 1 year ago

The Dad Trainer

I love a Trainer, so it’s no surprise I fell for the dad trainer trend. I’ve been coveting it for a while but couldn’t get my hands on the ones I wanted. Yes, the elusive Balenciaga...

Fashion / Posts - 1 year ago

Face Off

It started with Luke Edward Hall’s ‘I Mean The Dream‘ tray and shows no signs of slowing down. The Face Abstract trend is still very much alive in my world; I’ve been wearing m...

Fashion / Posts - 1 year ago

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Shop The Look: Team Outfits

The hey woman! team presents their office outfits: from statement earrings to chic loafers One office, a handful of young women, and so many outfits every day! It’s time to present a few highlights from our day-to-day l...

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The Cult (Gaia) Bag

After last year’s failed attempts I finally got my hands on a Cult Gaia bamboo bag. All though they aren’t the most practical, they’re most definitely stylish. It’s already proved to be a great addition to my bag collection and can be paired with my casual wardrobe of jeans a...

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